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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  November 18, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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cisco, red hat and yahoo trading at levels it hasn't seen since 2000. and the s&p at 2050 is well above what i think people thought we would have. that's it for us here on "squawk alley." melissa lee is in for the judge today on the half. welcome to the halftime report. steve weiss, josh brown, mike murphy, pete najarian, let's get to today's game plan. alibaba versus apple. two stocks, one price. which is it a better bet at 114? and the key question, the big vote hits the senate this afternoon. and the ahead of it the trades on crude and energy. first for a stop story. and that is retail earnings season in full swing. 16 reporting this week.
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courtney reagan joins was today's winners and losers. >> let's start with home depot. that is the name reporting first. missing expectations by a penny but revenues in line. u.s. same store sales increasing a strong 5.8%. the retailer still trying to determine the total cost it have recent data breech. dix sporting goods reporting -- missing slightly on the top line. the retailer also points out continued weakness in golf and hunting for dragging down comparable sales. tjx misses. cutting full year profit forecast. not really a vote of confidence for that holiday quarter that we're in right now. and urban outfitters disappointing profit. down a third.
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and --. u urban is the s&p's biggest lager today. tomorrow, target, lowe's, staples, pet smart. and we end the week with foot locker. and next week? blad friday. >> thanks for that round up. pete, it seems like this season in terms of retail earnings it is the case of the people who execute and the ones who don't. the once who have failed are the ones who have failed repeatedly quarter of quarter. >> the golf and hunting at dicks. that is the lager. and foot locker, i still think they can put out impress uv numbers later. there are the haves and have notes right now. and home dee pope. i think that is that .
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>> home depot is just, you know, a story unto itself. leader and maybe one of the best retailers overall. for me i'm looking at macy's and i also get the extra benefit of a stock like mace sis because they are domestic. so i don't have to worry about the bank of america -- >> you don't have to worry about the. >> no, i mean look listen wall street research a little but it doesn't drive anything i do. and macy's has apreerd -- they are dependent upon as what you say, execution. strong dollars going to hurt the international retailers like mike and others with just big export. >> let's talk about the team retailers. urban out offers trading around
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two and a half year lows. glen was a former ceo, left back in 2012. what is wrong with the team retail space? is it urban retail problem or across the board here. >> i think the teen retailers are maybe not so healthy right now. they need to look inward and how the teams are spending their time and money and reinvent themselves. >> what are they missing? >> when i think about the teen, if i look at just the apparel space, a concept i love right now is brandy melville. it's not public but i'd look at that. the beauty conventions is an new space and thrillaling to me. online gaming and the theme behind that. i'd encourage people to innovate and be more creative. let the pencil pushers take a backseat to the mernlts.
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>> my kids aren't teenagers yet. but it eat really hard to know who is going to hit the fashion right every quarter or season. one area you don't have to hit that with is footwear to me. kids are going to go out and buy whatever. so is there any other retailer out there that has a footwear play ore than nike? >> i'm not sure i would agree with you is that footwear is not a fashion business. i look at the fly nit at nike and it's one of the most exciting things i've seen this year. and i remember when it wasn't about a sneaker. but it was about a doc martin booed or a sperry topsider. >> in terms of the teen retailers, don't they always have a limited life span? take abercrombie. it is known for that fashion and
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now it is not as in style. and pac sun, a hot stock. and now g can't get out of their own way. urban outfitters, same thing. aren't you better off instead of trying to guess on those to go somewhere else? >> i think the genius of the ushen outfitter concept is that it can morph. i'm not a stock picker. but if i was to bet on someone who dresses the teen customer and by the way the majority of the urban is on 20 and above. but i would bet on them. they have the ability to morph. you are right. when someone pigeon holes themselves they have vulnerability. >> are you in urban stock? >> no. >> you have no options leftover. >> no. >> no. >> but you would go in and buy? do you think the management is in place. >> i'm a merchant.
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i actually don't -- funnily enough, i don't manage my own money and i don't pick stocks. that is not what i do for a living. >> if you are not picking stocks, i think i could help you with that. but if we're not picking stockings, but we're saying that teens are fickle. one of the things that plagued the company, three a's. abercrombie --. kids don't want logos. that's been going on for years. does that boomerang back around? and if it does which brands do teens display? >> i think the problem is larger than the teen problem. it there's just a sea of sameness out there. so my challenge to the industry is come up with something new. i look at what nike and under armor have done. two stocks that have performed well. i look at them in part after apparel companies. they are selling a lot right now.
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>> and the under armor is all logo. >> i wear a lot of mike apparel that is not logoed. and i just spent a thousand dollars the other day on apparel. >> air jordans. >> no. apparel. sneakers is separate. and at the high end, there are people innovating apparel. the issue is i think we need to get away from number crunching and back to innovation. >> mike murphy. top trade in retail at this point? >> i love underarmor. it's something i spent a lot of money out there. the stock's had a great move to the upside but there is a lot of room for then. i like under armor. >> tomorrow on halftime cnbc exclusive interview with brian cornell. right here.
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in the meantime agger began and -- davis are on the move again today after agreeing to a $66 billion yesterday. scott wapner whose on assignment spoke with them earlier. >> i did speak with mr. ackman earlier and he told me first and foremost he is withdrawing the special meeting over allergan which was scheduled for december 18th, month from today in fact. he said he is supportive of the activist transaction and the ceo saunders. in fact -- they are going to meet this week. for the purpose of doing due diligences with the the goal of becoming that long-term shareholders of the combined company. and he's a big winner and was going to be regardless. he's made more than 2 billion on this deal on paper. and that's after the profit share he had with valeant.
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and the question becomes what east next? ackman took the big stake in --. and maybe now if valeant wasn't going to get allergan it would sight on zoetis. people were waiting to hear what he thought of the transaction and what e may do. there is litigation on both sides. my guess is that whole thing is going to go away. but it is good to get clarity at least what he thinks about this deal and, you know, maybe where he's going to put his stock in this combined company in the future and sounds like he plans to be around for a while after this meeting on friday. so that is what we have from here. guys, i will be back tomorrow. don't try any funny stuff. melissa runs a tight ship. no non sense. >> i'm not going to let them get away anything scott. believe you me. scott wapner with exclusive
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comments from bill ackman. >> coming up the ceo of toyota reveals the plan for a new fuel cell model. can they replicate the prius success? and it's $114 question, alibaba and apple costs just about the same right now. which is the better buy? we've got a debate lined up. but first a deep freeze. how to play the buckets of snow head hag for much of the country. and stocks seem to be frozen this place. but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier.
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prime minister shinzo abe called a snap election and a sales tax increase. >> nothing. just like we've done for two years. and japanese stocks are pretty much making new record highs. they are up again today and i think that people are able to see through one particular quarter or two quarters of gdp. they understand the bigger picture is that the weak yen has led to tripling of the corporate profits. japanese stock market is still
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one of the cheapest large market. and important to keep in mind, if you know about japanese politics, calling a the snap election is par for the course. since world war ii, they have had 24 parliamentas. only 4 of them have come to term. i think the market is reflecting that. this is not out of the ordinary and fresh head lines even now about another corporate tax break. japan has the same problem that we had for a number of years. which is, the boj is committed but parliament is a shambles and they are having a lot of trouble getting corporate buy in. same here. we didn't have politics enacting anything. i think they can get over it. but anything can happen. follow price, ignore head lines and macroeconomic news letters. >> it is amazing how long this trade has been in place. short yen, long japanese stocks.
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>> christmas 2012. >> probably the longest running successful trade out there. >> it's been working great. but i would be careful with. a lot of people express their long position in the japanese stock market with the dxj it was 46 act a week ago. 54 and change now. if you missed this trade, stay on the side linus. don't run out and say you need to get long japan. josh has been talking about it months. wait for a pull back. you don't have to run out and buy it today. >> mike makes a good point. the other thing you can consider is dxjs. >> which is what? >> the same as dxj but japanese small caps. arguably that is the better trade from here. because large caps have been better. they reacted first. but the real impact is abenomics is successful will be in
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consumption trends. and those the stocks that could disproportionately benefit. one thing that is important is the dividend on the japanese small caps is higher than the jgb from from japan trade to a japanese auto maker. live at the l.a. auto show with a first on cnbc interview with jim lentz. >> jim t talk of the show so far has been your fuel cell vehicle which is eventually come hearing to the u.s. tell us about it. >> it comes in the fall of next year. as the four dour sedan. goes about 300 miles on a charge and it takes about five minutes to refuel and emission is only water vapor. >> and depending on the economics, 30 to 35 dollars to filled up and you have 300 miles. >> it depends on where fuel is priced but right now best estimates are about that.
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>> where do you get the fuel. >> in california, they have a fantastic program the state put together. first element that we are supporting to build and to maintain these stores. we'll have probably in the neighborhood of 20 outlets at the time we launch. probably 50 by the next year. and based on the math, 68 outlets, 68 fuelling locations will support about 10,000 fuel cells on the road. so we're very confident that california has a plan in place. >> you have even said you hope this is the beginning of what you will see similar with the prius. the preous right now like all hybrids, struggling with lower gas prices. is it time to dial back expectations for the future in terms of sales? >> well couple things are taking place. you have the challenge in fuel price but you also have a prius that is --
12:19 pm
when the new car comes out i think we'll see an increase in overall vom volumes today it is meeting expectations. >> down about 10%. >> yeah. >> and the weakness of the yen and the advantage it gives you relative to competitors here has a lot of people in detroit worried. will you eventually use that greater latitude financially to increase incentives and perhaps try to give back market share? >> i don't think we necessarily need to. and the biggest thing to understand is that 70% of what we sell is made in north america. movement of the yen does it have some assistance? sure. but not to the degree i did 15 or 20 years ago. >> terra cotta. you are part of the recall and said trustis. are you confident ttakata has a handle on what's going? >> the reality is most important oto sus we get the customers in
12:20 pm
and make sure the cars are safe and get the cars repaired. that is why we're really focussing on the high community areas. based on what we see from our data we haven't had an issue yet. we're replying on their data frankly. but we're confident our consumers will be safe. >> jim lentz joining us. a big big l.a. show for these guys as they debut the marai. the first mass market fuel cell vehicle next year. >> tesla, pete, do you think it is going to be a challenge. >> i think they still go higher. you have to play this through optionings because it is just too volatile in the stock zblits and you are going into tires. >> i'm going into tire makers. lower inputs. because crude is an input. chemical. i like tire companies wlsmt you buy or sell cars doesn't matter.
12:21 pm
they all need tires. >> supporters hustling to gather on votes. and we'll get an update from d.c. the strong dollar may be good for your next european vacation but is taking a bite out of the company earnings. next whose tyking the biggest hit. gopro balancing after a dive yesterday. is the momentum back? opinions. there's no shortage in this world.
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traders blitz. four trades and four stocks making news. sony spiking new plans to -- >> stocks breaking out today. we talk about it all the time
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that content is king. sony says they are going to increase their content. i think it is good for the stock. play this breakout but you want to use a stop. around 20 dollars a share but it looks like it goes high. >> terra form power. >> street is really excited about this one. up 25%. if i were in this name i would probably be more likely to take a profit here than to add. >> really? >> yeah. >> they are going to have more yield codes next year. >> i like the space. i think there are better places to be in solar. huge home run. lot of hedge fund guys have done really well in the name. i just wouldn't be a buyer on anything up 25% like that. >> and turf --. gopro in the green despite plans to sell 10.4 million shares.
12:26 pm
haven't we heard this before. >> and we up sized had deal. you can see a lot of excitement. valuation aside. competitors really aren't out there yet. i think the stock keeps going. >> how about --. new high. very positive. october upside expected. >> sore spot because i had that. thanks for bringsing it up. >> intel. planning to combine pk and mobile semi-conductor units according to the "wall street journal." pete. >> and accelerating this process and the fact they find more efficiencies. i like the fact that the management is addressing this and putting this together and their best foot forward. trades far too cheap. i love intel. >> i know. didn't they just reorganize their business lines not too long ago? so why again? >> i don't disagree. i totally agree. this is something that should
12:27 pm
have happened, hadn't. i'm glad they finally did it. the mcafee thing. security is a great issue and great for intel. >> coming up two of the most clothe closely watched stocks on the street. if you have 114 to invest, which is better place for your money? and speaki ining debates t majo vote in the senate. we're live in d.c. with a preview. halftime will be right back. when change is in the air you see things in a whole new way.
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it is getting cold out there, trust us. three feet of snow burying parts of buffalo. more than a hundred miles of new york state throughway shut down. stocks also unchanged basically in the past five days. and through halftime stocks flat as well. up about.25% with the nasdaq up about .6. karl icahn reiterating he's still hedging against a drop of stock expecting a major correction in three to five years. major correction. pete you are grimacing already.
12:31 pm
>> the three to five year thing is difficult for me. >> -- >> yeah. and when you hear guys estimating some earnings that are out three years we snicker at that as well. do we sew a pullback coming? absolutely. there could be. it feels like right now we're grinding but waiting if that are next catalyst. so while we wait for that catalyst. i could see a five% pullback at any time. and. >> and we saw 9 plus percent last month. carl is positioned long in a lot of nasms. i would take with this with a grain of salt. >> carl is in his 80s so to could preserve capital. i'm -- >> obnoxious. >> it's not. everybody's got a --. the other thing is volatility is so, so cheap. dirt cheap that why not buy
12:32 pm
protection. >> great point. >> josh, what do you make of a 3-5 year forecast. doesn't like he's going out on a limb. >> i actually think there will be one 10 to 14 years. [ laughter ] he's saying something reasonable. but it is not like stop the presses. here is the math on this. going back to post world war ii, you have an average of three 5% corrections each year. doesn't mean you get them every year but this year we had three of them. it's not totally outrageous. if you look at 10% corrections,s that is about 1 once every 20 months. and more disastrous, once every ten years on average we get a 35% peak to trough. so to say that within three to five years we'll have a correction, i'd be more concerned if he said something other than that. >> i'm going with carl. >> right. it doesn't take a brain to with
12:33 pm
carl. >> exactly. and if you are buying something so cheap. >> you took a shot and o now you're making up for it. >> i didn't take a shot. -- >> it -- >> but in terms of the options of volatility is very low and premium for individual stocks surprisingly low. when you look at apple for instance. they are way up and the premium is so cheap right. now. >> we talked about that for a long time even in tesla. when you want to play a tesla you play in the options. because the option volatility there. other than major catalysts which everything gets a pop. but that volatility is very low. the apple is very low. great opportunities to be involved or buy protection. >> one of the nation's biggest hot button issues eamon javiers in d.c. with the story. >> high drama here in the senate. just within the past half hour. mary landrieu, the democratic
12:34 pm
senator from louisiana tries to wrangle the required votes from interest floor. they are going to vote at 6:00 tonight. what you are seeing now is the preamble to the highlight of the evening. what's going on is landrieu t trying to wrangle those sixty votes she needs. she has about 59 right now and the question is whose going to deciding vote on this. a lot of folks have been looking at senator angus king. he within the last hour put out a statement he's a know. republicans are watching chris koons in delaware. he's known to be close to mary landrieu and put out a statement saying he's listening. we'll see how he comes down this evening. but even if she gets to 60 or 6 1 evening, the question will be
12:35 pm
whether barack obama signs this legislation when it reaches him. and the indications are he might look to this as an area of the early bipartisan compromise. but environmentalists on the left are saying they don't want to see this come anywhere near law. >> thanks for that update on the keystone pipeline vote. in terms of the trade if this passes and crude can move more freely north to south, what happens? because we've seen a whole trade build based on delays to the keystone pipeline approval. such as the rails. oil by rail. you have been in that trade. >> i think the answer is since none of us here really know if or when this is going to pass, it is hard to make a trade around it. so if you see a pull back in the rail s or are rail car manufacturers, that's when it's move in. if you like the energy names, by the ones you like. >> overshadowing it all is the
12:36 pm
opec meeting. and that is the most important thing over the next few weeks. i may be a non event but that is what everybody is going to pay attention to. this is sort of like a blip. >> if the keystone pipeline gets approval what does that mean for crude oil prices? >> good afternoon melissa. if it is approved more canadian oil coming to the u.s. via the pipeline down to the gulf coast. of course we've got a lot of supply now so more could potentially mean lower prices. at least that's what traders are thinking. do you agree? what do you think we're going to see with the oil price if we do get an approval? might happen is steve touched on this is opec meets next week. what they might do is derive down crude oil pricings here in the united states to put pressure on those provider skbls the traders talking about trading stocks around this.
12:37 pm
brian sutland, any ray to trade the futures around this? >> if there is a yes vote you don't do anything because we still need approval from the state of nebraska to get that pipeline all the way through that. still pauts conundrum there. if you get a no vote you could pet a pop up in oil that might be a possibility to wait for that to run and sell into it. or buy in because there's notish. >> for more check out the live show. we're talking to ralph acampora. >> thanks jackie. related to the crude trade, virgin america, at ipo, huge first day. it is up today to a new high. higher by 18.25%. lower oil prices of course helping across the board. but this is an outsized pop compared to the xal which is up
12:38 pm
just under 2%. i don't know. seems suspicious. >> limited number of shares. >> option t aren't trading? >> no. i'm with you. a lot of chatter about virgin america. it's a small offering. i'm sticking with the big boys. i don't think you want to chase virgin america. >> this is a 15 million share float. which is a joke. out of 43 million in total. branson owned 45%. obvious hi he's not doing anything with those. so all the hard core traders i know, the swing guy, the momentum guys this is one more name on their list alongside baba and apple and all the things they have been trading. they have added this and you can see the volumes going crazy here. turning this float over and over and over again. i wouldn't turn into a story of low oil. >> this is value in the airlines. there aren't that many. i do believe but i'm not positive that it is at the
12:39 pm
melting point of its range. i like them all. i'm is it still sticking with american. i think the sector looks great. >> top airline trade? >> delta. but back to virgin. there are a lot of shorts in the name. and this looks to me, no news, huge move -- >> 20% already? >> a lot of people saw. i just don't think it's working for them. >> coming up pop quiz. two stocks, one price. alibaba and apple both trading at 114. which one is better? and seems like would be good news for shoppers but not everyone is benefitting from the look of current currencies. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 [ male announcer ] your love for trading never stops,
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12:43 pm
want to give up on these outcasts just yet. plus the person who makes investment decisions for one of the biggest pension funlds, the chief investment offer of the cow sters. and oil. who can ignore it. prices continue to plummet. are we about to see a big drop in the price of airline tickets. i think you know the answer to that. join the conversation. slash vote. >> thank you tiler. gets go to mary thompson. >> fertilizers stocks. potash on the rise. after russian producer largest in the world suspending work at minus and evacuated workers. potash, agrium, the posic, as well as intrepid all up. >> two tech giant, alibaba and
12:44 pm
apple trading at similar prices. which is the better bet for your money? log on to help us. traders first. pete. >> oh you are starting with me. >> yeah. because you were not paying attention. >> it's a lot of pressure. i own both. it's like deciding between your children. that is the issue i face right now. i look at this way right now. baba has more potential growth in front of them than apple does. the reason i say that is i think the international piece, actually getting themselves positioned into the u.s., they already own china 80%. i this i that is where the growth is is and because of that right now i'd say baba. >> the reason i pick apple is baba already had 80% of the china market. i see a better growth for pp and better cash for apple. and the baba, has only been a
12:45 pm
company a couple of months. apple's favor. >> just because they have 80% of the market doesn't mean they can't penetrate that market more deeply and get people to spend more money. >> baba is going to be fine. so will apple. between now and the end of the year i want apple. the must have stock in all growth manager portfolios. they are going to keep buying it. the technicals look fantastic. and even with the run up it is only 13 multiple on next year earnings. and two, this stock sat out about half the bull market starting in 2012. so this huge move recently is really more of a catchup than anything else. so if i'm forced to choose, and i like both, i would go with apple. which i also think is going to be less volatile. >> wow. weiss? >> is as someone not prone to strong opinions i want to say you own both. but i own apple personally and i think the momentum in baba is greater today. but the price may be the same.
12:46 pm
the valuations are markedly different. baba is much more expensive stock because the growth rate is so much higher. >> and pete, forget these two. you like yahoo the best. >> if i had to pick between the three, yahoo number one. and the other two tied at second. >> let's see who's winnings. the viewsers have voted of 60% like apple better. >> that's probably because of the steve though. >> he tipped the scales. >> he's very persuasive. in case you haven't noticed. >> uber bad press comments may have gotten worse. and next how the value of the dollar could cut into profits like costco and walmart. we'll be right back. the holiday season is here,
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and something unusual happens, one of the najarians, finds it and tries to make money on it. is pete is over there to tell us about it. >> we talk about home builders and a lot of earnings and the rest. look at the derivatives and a name like masco. in the last month you can see a pretty big dip down here when we had the rest of the market selling off. since then it's approached near $23.5. today people were coming out and sold january calls they had owned to buy the february 24 calls, expect the stock to not only get through the 24 level but test the 52 week highs.
12:50 pm
over 7,000 bought today. interesting to see. around 1.05 is what they paid. >> are you in on this? >> the sock's already moved significantly. but the way they bought this, the aggressive manner and the roll these in the aggressive manner i tagged along. >> how long are you going to hold this one? >> i will probably own it for at least a month. >> i'm not that patient. >> thanks for that. >> u.s. dollar sitting at multi year highs. how is this effecting consumer staple stapl staples? >> consumer staples are feeling the pinch. 40% is international where stronger greenback means higher cost of doing business. in recent weeks many have had to address currency head winds. costco weakening foreign currencies cut into october
12:51 pm
sales by nearly 2%. wal-mart at its investor meeting lowered 2015 guidance thanks to the negative impact of foreign currency exchange rates. when coca-cola posted weaker than expected quarterly sales it, too, warned about currency. the beverage giant expects that to negatively effect by six percentage points. for kellogg currency translation weighed on quarterly sales growth about a half a percent. not so sweet for hershey. the chocolate maker recently lowered forecast on higher dairy prices and weaker sales overseas thanks to king dollar. certainly a trend to watch. >> we should note that consumer staples hitting a record high today. despite the head winds still doing okay largely. >> i think you concentrate domestically because we are about to see the dollar really
12:52 pm
pick up strength. it has been a weak currency. >> you like the small caps here? >> small caps are much more domestically focused. hopefully you guys got that, too. i agree with you. i'm looking at materials. i like macy's because macy's focused on domestic. >> steve weiss a america's favorite small cap. >> that is the best line of the show so far, by the way. >> and speaking of which, i want to talk about the parent company of ihop and apple be's. i have never bien to either. >> because they deliver to you. >> if you ask what does the strong dollar do. that customer where that really makes a huge difference for them on a month to month basis goes
12:53 pm
to apple bee's and ihop. the stock action shows you that is what is going on. positive earnings revisions. i think that continues. it's a $95 name probably going north of 100. >> morgan touched on costco. look at the price action here. price has done phenomenally well. >> i'm going with target. when they implement the buy back giddy up. >> coming up uber taking a ride on the pr disaster train. the slip of a tongue from a company exec and why he says it never should have gone public. that and final trade up next. ♪
12:54 pm
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i have the worst cold with this runni better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is. take a look at the markets. keep in mind the s&p 500 hitting fresh record highs in today's session. take a look at bio techs. these are the big movers in today's session. both up more than 2%. you're pointing out good news on
12:57 pm
gilead. >> got an increased label for the smaller doses, wider label in europe. that is very positive for the company. >> time to go under the radar for three stock movers that you may be missing out on but our traders are not. >> sticking with the whole health care world. teva never gets stocked about. up 12% in the last month. this stock didn't get to 52-week highs but pushed against it today. this stock has huge amounts of call activity in there. i say keep an eye on this. >> so if you look at terex this is a construction name, crane name down over 30% year to date. this morning jeffreys upgraded the stock and raised target from 30 to 32. late cycle name, i like this play. i think you can ride this
12:58 pm
momentum a little bit. >> check out mtw, that is part of the upgrade over jeffries. >> stop everything you are doing and look at intradate chart of p petrobras. so this is the stock that has no bottom. all of a sudden it is hammering out a major candle here. everyone is talking about this. i think this is a really interesting situation. if it can go green and it looks like it wants to, the way that japanese candle stick will look on a daily chart people will say that's it, finally they found the level this will not be found out. >> is this red and gold sph. >> this is down 40%. >> fraud? oil. >> we are not talking about getting a job at the company.
12:59 pm
>> this is really interesting. i think people should be focused on it. if you are not a short term trader don't worry about it. >> take a look at the intraday chart. it was down a percent and now it is positive. just saying. just saying. let's get today's worst trade, fighting bad publicity with worst publicity. an uber executive said he wants to give the media a taste of its own medicine and wants company to look into your personal lives and your families in a statement uber says he believes the exec was off the record. uber says those remarks have no basis in reality of our approach. the company has faced criticism for cut throat tactics in the past. final trade time. >> deutsche bank. i think this name has finally got momentum underneath it at 40. >> ford backed off a little bit here in the 15 range.
1:00 pm
>> dine equity. >> hertz going through 23 sooner rather than later. i'll see you tonight at 5:00 on "fast money". "power lunch" starts right now. "halftime" is over. "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day start right now. oil falling down 20% over the past year. will airline ticket prices follow suit? one of the most important people in the industry, united airlines ceo will weigh in on that today on cnbc. he already did. plus, the man who makes investments in the eighth biggest pension fund in the world is right here with us. see what the chief investment officer of the california state teacher's retirement system likes most in this market.


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